Spring is coming!!

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Here is a snap shot of what was going on at the farm today. Next Saturday February 18 from 9 – 3 pruning party. Come and help us get the orchard in order for the upcoming season. We will prune as many of the trees as possible and move on to the blue berries. Here is a list of what to bring:

Please bring any of the following:

1) Clippers, loppers, hand saws, gloves, chainsaws, ladders  (label them with your name)

2) Also bring a dish to pass as workers get hungry

3) Families are welcome, but this is not an event for little ones as branches fall in all directions. If kids do come, good to have a dedicated adult to keep them out of trouble’s way.

4) If you don’t want to climb trees, not to worry, there is tons of other work to do (hauling branches, pulling up t-tape water system and pruning blue.

Our season starts April 9th, please spread the word we still have shares and half shares available. Email us at lynjuve@msn.com.

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