Covid 19 and Protecting Our Farm

Please view before coming to our farm and please wear a mask

We have new guidelines for safety at our farm. Please view our video and read our new rules. They are effective immediately until further notice. “When I wear a mask I protect you, when you wear a mask you protect me”

Farm Rules during the COVID 19 Pandemic

  1. Please do not come to the farm if you are ill.
  2. Please do not come to the farm if your family members are ill
  3. Please do not come to the farm if you have been exposed to someone with COVID 19
  4. Please wear a mask at all times when you are at the farm (hopefully you will wear a mask whenever you leave your home)
  5. Please text us or email if you fall into any of these categories and we will make every effort to bag your produce for you. (hopefully you will form buddy groups so that you can help one another)
  6. Please do not bring additional family members to the farm (this is truly sad as that is the charm of our farm and the joy of your children, but in order to stem the tide of this virus we must all do our part)
  7. Please do not roam the farm, visit the animals or plan to stay here other than to gather your vegetables.
  8. Please resist the temptation to pet our attention deprived dogs and cats. Cats apparently can catch the virus and the virus can live on their fur.
  9. Please wash your hands at the new sink for at least 20 seconds before entering the barn or touching anything at the farm.
  10. Please do not touch your face or use your cell phone while inside the barn (for contamination reasons)
  11. You are required to wear a mask while at the farm or at any pickup site.
    1. We have become convinced that this plus social distancing and excellent hygiene are going to be the ways to stave off the spread of the corona virus until a vaccine is created.
  12. We require people to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet, so the vegetables will be spaced out in the barn and out of the cooler. If you notice a bin is empty you may enter the cooler and take out the bin containing the vegetables that are missing and replace it on the table.
  13. If there are too many people picking up at the same time, please wait your turn maintaining 6 feet social distance
  14. We will decrease the number of hours people can pick up at the farm. The pick up sites have a short window of two hours to pick up your veggies. (TBA)
  15. We will clean with bleach solution the high use areas on a regular basis
  16. We would love you to pay small items via Venmo (Lynjuve Argueta) if possible. Try not to use cash. We prefer checks for your CSA payments in larger sums.
  17. When leaving the farm please wash your hands
  18. All gatherings are suspended for now
  19. If you are able to help harvest you must be illness free and wear gloves and mask at all times.
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