Grass fed animals

We raise lamb, pork and beef.  We may also have turkeys. Our animals range free on pasture and live a very good life. They get occasional grain but this is not a substantial part of their diet. They are not fed hormones or antibiotics. You are encouraged to sign-up early and give a deposit if you wish to purchase meat.

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Lamb: In the fall of 2017 we will have lamb butchered. We will let members know when it is time to make a deposit, but be sure to let us know early, by the beginning of June they are all spoken for.  We take them to the butcher and you pay cut and wrap fees (usually between $80 – 90) and you pay the farmer $4 – 6/# for hanging weight (they usually weigh from 26 -45#). They are available on first come first serve basis to subscribers, deposit is $100.

Pork: We have 10 weaner pigs  here on the farm. They roam on pasture (that often turns to mud). They are fed grain, organic milk and vegetables. Pigs are butchered when they weight 200 – 250 #. People generally buy a whole or 1/2 a pig. You pay butcher, cut and wrap (~$50 for butcher and 0.45 cents per pound) and you pay the farmer $ 4.50 – 5/# hanging weight. Deposit is $100. Some of the best bacon comes from these hogs.

Beef: We raise Black Angus crossed with Galloway. We will butcher several steers this fall. They are raised on grass almost exclusively. People purchase, 1/4, 1/2 or whole. They weigh between 500 and 600 pounds. You pay butcher, cut and wrap (~ 0.65 cents per pound) and you pay the farmer $4 – $5/# hanging weight. Deposit $100. There is a lot of demand so put your order in early.


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