A Sample of What We offer

Arugula Spinach Chinese Broccoli Chard or kale
Leeks Broccoli Shallots Sorrel
Cauliflower Scallions Mizuna (purple serrated leaf)
Turnips Mustard greens Fava beans Sugar Snap peas
Walnuts Carrots Lettuce Radishes
Beets Garlic scapes    
Cucumbers Hot peppers Stuffing peppers Zucchini
Onions Garlic Lettuce Scallions
Basil Tomatillos Sweet peppers (green, red, yellow)
Cabbage Snap beans Beets Carrots
Tomatoes Eggplant Cherry tomatoes
Peppers Eggplant Broccoli Apples
Pears Blackberries Basil Radicchio
Swiss chard Snap beans Brussels sprouts Collards
Broccoli Kale Winter Squash Cauliflower
Shallots Fennel Cucumbers Napa Cabbage
Tomatoes Dill Cherry tomatoes


Spring (mid-June)

1 kohlrabi
1 head lettuce
1.5 lb new potatoes
1 bunch kale
1 bunch radishes
3/4 lb mixed braising greens
1 small bunch cilantro
1 bunch baby beets
1 pound of sugar snap peas

Summer (mid-August)

1 head lettuce
1 small head cabbage or cauliflower
2-4 hot peppers
4 – 8 cucumbers
2 lb tomatoes
2-3 bell peppers
2 lb summer squash
6 carrots
1 head garlic or 2 onions
1 bunch of rainbow chard  

Fall (early October)

2 red peppers
6 carrots
1 kabocha squash
2 leeks or 2 onions or 2 shallots
2 lb broccoli
1 head lettuce
1 lb Brussels sprouts
6 carrots or 6 beets 
1.5 lbs potatoes
1 small bunch kale or bunch of collards
1 head garlic
2 eggplant



Kohlrabi up close

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