Harvest Schedule

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  1. Tarah Rose says:

    You guys are rad. Let me know if there will be any more canning parties let me know.

    Or any events!!

    • Lyn Jacobs says:


      Stay tuned, we will be canning in September and harvest party on October 16th. there may be a weeding party in between!

      Your farmers.

  2. Lyn Jacobs says:


    thanks for the positive feedback. It was alot of work setting it up and I am not a techy at all. got some help from a friend with a few techinical parts and ccleaning it up a bit but mostly homemade by me. Now I am full on farming so little time to do cool things with it but weekly posts and recicpes will continue. Thanks for your interest in local organic produce and th communities that support it.

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